Coaching & Consulting

I’m a collaborative coach and creative consultant dedicated to helping people reconnect with their innate power and purpose and bring big dreams to life.

Coaching Services

As a coach, I create an encouraging space to explore your full potential. My role is to listen deeply, ask powerful questions, and support you in gaining insight and taking action.

Together we’ll:

    • Uncover your core values, passions, and motivations

    • Identify self-limiting beliefs and behaviors

    • Develop strategies to overcome obstacles

    • Establish intentions, accountability measures, and momentum


I work with individuals from all walks of life who are ready to invest in their growth. My clients build self-confidence, deepen relationships, and reach new milestones. If you feel stuck in your personal or professional life, coaching can increase clarity and possibility.

Please contact me for an exploratory session to see if we’re a good fit.

Creative Consulting

As a consultant, I leverage my decades of experience as a professional journalist, writer, public speaker, and trainer to bring your innovative ideas to life.

My creative consulting services include:

    • Facilitating brainstorming and creative strategy sessions

    • Collaborating with you to flesh out your ideas and identify key takeaways

    • Providing structural editing and feedback on draft manuscripts

    • Developing a compelling book proposal to pitch to agents and publishers

I work with leading artists, executives, thinkers, and teams who want to jumpstart their creativity and get support through the writing, publishing, and public speaking process.

If you have an inspired vision seeking strategy, let’s connect!

I offer both individual services as well as bundled coaching and consulting packages. Please get in touch today to discuss how I can help you reach your goals and live creatively.

Upcoming Workshops

“Writing As A Magic Trick (Or How to Take Over The World)”

Online webinar, ongoing, by invitation

“Telling Science Stories (Or How to Make Anything Interesting)”

Online webinar, ongoing, by invitation

For event inquiries, please contact me.