Over the course of my time working with Jeremy, I gained more clarity about what I want from my career and how to get it than I have from dozens of books or hours of circular conversations with colleagues. I found his input to be insightful and pertinent.”

“I’m immediately open with you. You’re clear, your ideas are great, and I know you’re listening. As soon as I know that I’m going to talk to you, I know I’ll get a structured outside view.

“I was surprised to blurt out something where I felt very vulnerable. You held that and helped me with it. I felt incredibly supported.

“Your coaching is great. There’s so much self-awareness, cohesion, and listening going on. You have things to say, but you’re not giving advice. You’re letting me do the problem-solving.

“I didn’t feel like you were giving advice. I felt like you were in it with me—and that felt really good. This thing I saw as an issue—you helped me see it as not a bigger problem than it is.”

Our visit helped me map out a path forward, which felt like such a relief. Jeremy helped me feel like the project was doable and that I would be able to do it.”

“Jeremy is fantastic! Super smart, gives thoughtful and useful feedback and advice, and is very collaborative.

“You have had successful projects and your intelligence and honesty are two of my favorite qualities. I wanted honesty and I knew I would get it from you, that meant a lot.

“Working with Jeremy helped me to unlock my fear of having nothing to say. He encouraged me by creating a structured approach and helped me to see I have much to share.

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